Book Launch Day – The Mutant Mushroom Takeover

The Mutant Mushroom Takeover is now available wherever books are sold and I’m a published author!! Squee!!!

So many people reached out to me today with congratulations, photos of their kids reading the book, and excitement about the release. It was great to connect with so many friends and family on social media and at the book’s virtual launch party with Interabang Books. If you missed the live event, you can watch it all here. It was a blast!

Earlier in the day, my family and I picked up some gorgeous book-themed sugar cookies from a local baker, had lunch, and got ready for the launch party and my chat with fellow middle grade author, Kim Long.

In the afternoon, I had a surprise delivery of a spectacular mutant mushroom style chocolate cake sent by an amazing group of critique partners (thanks so much Taylor, Liz, Jennifer, Kim, Shelly, and Kristen!)

Today, The Mutant Mushroom Takeover was also featured on Middle Grade Mojo, the Inked Voices blog, and a most-anticipated book list from Literacious. Yesterday, an interview I did with MG Book Village posted, and a few days before that KidLit411 did a book profile and giveaway, plus a feature article with the local newspaper.

It’s been a busy but exciting week and now my book baby is out in the world, connecting with readers, and taking on a life of its own.

To order your copy of The Mutant Mushroom Takeover from an independent book store, visit or to order a signed copy visit Interabang Books.

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