Author Visits

The Path to Becoming An Author – In this presentation, I discuss the journey from aspiring writer to published author. There are many steps along the way from finishing a rough draft, finding critique partners, getting an agent and much more. Students are often fascinated to learn that once a book is sold to a publisher it often doesn’t come out for another two or even three years! Find out why, plus other insights into writing and publishing novels. This presentation is best suited for middle/high school students, or adult writing groups.

Discovering Your Story – Everyone has a story to tell. Do you know what yours is? In this presentation, I help students hunt for their story’s clues. Who is your hero? What is it they want most? What stands in the way of achieving their dreams? In this workshop, we’ll break down the main elements of a good tale. Writers will leave feeling better equipped to write their next story. This presentation can be adjusted for all ages.

Weird Science – This presentation is filled with fun and engaging STEM content taken directly from my books, The Mutant Mushroom Takeover and Attack of the Killer Komodos. We’ll talk about where real science meets fiction as I share about weird but true phenomenon like the Zombie Ant Fungus, Ophiocordyceps, which inspired The Mutant Mushroom Takeover. Students will learn about things such as tardigrades (AKA water bears) which can survive the vacuum of space as well as being crushed, roasted, and frozen. This is a great presentation for elementary-age students.

Have something else in mind? Reach out to me and let me know. Presentations can be adjusted to meet unique audience needs. In addition to school visits, I’m also available to speak to Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts, clubs, homeschool co-ops, and writing groups. Rates vary based on travel expenses and length of presentations. Email: srachelshort at gmail dot com

I’m also available for online visits. These are typically shorter (30-60 minutes) and include a mix of Q&A and a briefer presentation or read aloud. Contact me for current rates.