Finding Inspiration in Walter Mitty

In January, I officially started writing my first novel – a young adult fantasy set in Iceland. In the past, I’ve tinkered around with novel ideas and journaled a few things here and there. But, this is my first time to really chart a story out and be disciplined about working on it everyday.

After getting my oldest son a book on trolls for Christmas and later that week watching The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (which features a jaunt to Iceland), my creative wheels started turning.

A few Google searches later, and I was completely enchanted with all things Iceland.  I mean, look at these Icelandic horses…don’t they just make you want to drop everything and go on a Nordic adventure?


Then there’s the Scandinavian folklore. So many fascinating creatures there. Like frost giants, the fiddle playing Fossegrim, and Nokken, a shapeshifting water spirit (below).


Since then, I’ve been collecting books for my research. This past weekend, I visited the massive used bookstore in downtown Denton and found two coffee table books on Gnomes and Giants. They’re filled with daydream-inciting illustrations and tidbits of folklore.

24f50d17-35cc-4090-aa7d-f5a192b3f7d6I’m only a few chapters in at this point, but I’m really enjoying the writing process. Which I plan to share more about here. As well as interesting pieces of folklore, Iceland trivia, troll sightings and more!

I hope you’ll join me for the ride.


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